Demand of the traceability data & nature resource conservation

What it does

3 main stages:

  1. Pre-catch preparation : data registration, label printing
  2. Catching : start trip->fish data validation->labelling->stop trip
  3. Final data saving : data submission-> data synchronization->token generation->traceability data

How I built it

we developed using web application ( php, mysql, pwa & c#)

Challenges I ran into

  1. fishers app support
  2. integration sea to land
  3. catch area tokenization

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

user-friendly & cost-effective apps for small scale fishers

What I learned

experience sharing & learning from different background, culture and teamwork from the group members

What's next for Fish Trace

Built With

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posted an update

We develop FishTrace 2 days, to develop applications to solve 3 challenges available Fisher Apps support, Catch Area tokenization and From Sea to Land. New feature available are traceability system from fisherman - landing activity and supplier side in format web apps offline to put data into vessel, provide QR Code label, and upload to Cloud database online. Feature provided are mobile applications offline, web solutions and desktop apps to generate RFID tagging. The output of system are QR Code label to store information for catch activity, and RF ID tagging to store information of supplier information.

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