About a year ago the internet watched in amazement at Twitch Plays Pokemon went viral. In the few weeks leading up to the final Elite Four battle, the stream topped 100000 viewers/players many times and gave rise to political discussions and pseudo religions alike. The enormous popularity of this soon inspired Fish Plays Pokemon and the Fish Plays Pokemon API.

But what if the power of the internet could be put to more practical use such as investing? That's where Fish Plays the Stock Market comes in. We are a mutual fund where soon-to-be wealthy people can use Venmo to make micro investments. Their investments are then placed into one of several trending stocks based on a fishes movements in a glass bowl. We believe that our fish is smarter, more agile, and more reliable than even the best market researchers. Its simply a matter of synergy!

PS: The Fish Plays API is currently down because the fish has unfortunately passed away. As such, we have replaced it with our super secret algorithm based on Math.random()

PPS: The stock market is closed on weekends so we have implemented another super secret algorithm to project the stock market values on Monday (again based on Math.random())

This project is dedicated to the memory of Gracin (the fish).

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