Our team realized that there is a lack of transparent information about overfishing. As a consumer, there is an overwhelming amount of fish products but no fair-trade style designation for marine products. From a policy perspective, overfishing is very difficult to police. As it is a largely illegal activity, there is a lack of official data around it. Thus, the government must rely on non-traditional data to get a sense of this activity and build the relevant policy.

What it does

To reduce overfishing, we want to provide consumers with transparent information about where their marine products come from. Using blockchain technology, we will be tracking fish from source to store and this information will be visible for consumers using a QR code. Moreover, we are creating visualisations of this fish tracking data and other official sources in a website for government. We hope that this monitoring information will allow policymakers to make more informed decisions about overfishing.

How we built it

Every transaction will be stored in blockchain thus creating a hierarchical blockchain record. Each blockchain transaction contains the previous transaction details so that we can track the journey thus maintaining a hierarchy and securing the entire system of fisheries. All these records are registered by scanning a QR code.

This project is very by using a ArcGIS power BI react JS and other tools we are using data sets from global fishing watch and those data sets are being visualised using machine learning algorithms we have used K means and hierarchical models to visualise all of this visualisation and we have developed forecasting model using k-means algorithms and optics algorithm. We are using QR code to scan to identify what is the source of fish and whether the fish is overfished or its a sustainable fish or overfishing fishing.

Challenges we ran into

We experienced challenges in narrowing down our ideas – overfishing is a huge problem that can be tackled from a government, consumer, and industry perspective. We chose to focus on providing transparent information to consumers and government.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To work on a completely distinguished idea with the team , multitasking our paths through different time zones , connecting with organisers and mentors , learning and gaining a new experience

What we learned

We learnt how to work as an interdisciplinary team

What's next for Fish n Chips

Usage of blockchain in securing the entire system for fisheries Different economic and regulatory policy to improve overfishing

How to run live demo

Refer to video to get an understanding username - admin password - 1234

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