As part of Fishackathon, we were challenged to create a solution to one of several challenges affecting the fishing industry of today. Rather than solving only one of these challenges, we opted to create a suite of applications that solves several of these challenges in order to promote a more widespread adoption of the app and promote ease of use for fishermen and NOAA observers.

What it does

Fisher's Companion allows fishers around the world to easily record data, including recent trips, individual catches. This data is saved and aggregated in a database, for analysis of global trends and status of the fishing industry worldwide, in addition to individual analysis of data including personal records. These records can then be shared between users, allowing for a spirit of community and competition.

How we built it

Our application suite consists of an Android application, built with Android Studio, and a web app, built with node.js. Both the web application and the android application communicate with Firebase, a database containing the name, length, color, quantity, location, and a picture of fish that have been caught.

Challenges we ran into

We had some initial trouble getting the Firebase database set up correctly. In addition, the Android apk for our app was presenting us with some challenges for a time. Populating the database with fish took most of our time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! We were able to successfully link the web application to our database, allowing us to further explore useful additions to the database for fishermen and NOAA. The android app turned out amazing.

What we learned

We learned how to integrate Firebase with web apps so that our suite can host live updates to reflect the most recent fishing conditions and trends.

What's next for Fischer's Companion

We would like to expand the suite of applications to include an iOS application for greater reach, as there was not enough time in the scope of 36 hours to incorporate an iOS app in addition to the rest of the suite.

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