I thought that the FiscalNote data/API seemed interesting to work with,

What it does

The two project files are getcode2.html and codespec.html. getcode2 links to codespec.

You type in a first, or last name, but not both, of a legislator. This is put into a query to the Fiscalnote API, and various relevant data is returned. Allows for fast and immediate identification of facts that are of interest to the layperson. Also

How I built it

This is a html based hack, with embedded javascript scripts doing the heavy lifting. The 'frontend' getcode2 allows the input of a value into a textbox, which is then stored into a variable which persists across a change in webpage. The stored variable is then used as a query to the FiscalNote API. The API returns a big ol JSON object, which is a pain to manually look through. The program then extracts relevant variables, and displays them in a text box. A nice picture of the politician you are looking up pops up as well.

Challenges I ran into

In chrome the error message "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'null' is therefore not allowed access." Development continued in safari.

urlencoding of + symbols into %2B stopped the development of multi word searches. extraction of the photo url to display as an image

Sometimes it takes a while to connect to the Api. Such is life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that the project works -connecting to the API and extracting usable data after mishaps with JSONP encoding. -the fact that a photo actually displays

extracting the photo url from the data was hard, because the variable i would save it as would not be compatible with the src="" part of the image tag. I ended up reading it into a hidden directory, and then reading it back out, catenating it with the <img src= part of the script, and placing it into another directory.

What I learned

How 2 code better. My last experience coding was with java in middle school, but I got a handle on dealing with JSON objects and Jquery now.

What's next for FiscalNote Reader

Expansion into reading other FiscalNote databases: commitees, bills, etc Improvement on interface, Greater information display. Increased search tolerance. Statistical analysis and interaction with the "friends" and "effectiveness" data.

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