We, as students at Millburn High School, know the struggle of needing a tutor. Many times, the transfer of information between a teacher and a student is highly inefficient. This leads to otherwise bright, capable students confused and left for the dust in higher level classes. This often leads to students looking online for help they might never get. Another problem faced is the miscommunication between private tutors and students. It is difficult for them to communicate in professional and prompt way.

This led us to develop TutorEd. Built with material design, our web page is professional and easy to use for anyone to use. Students and tutors can communicate directly. We have loaded a few stock messages into the database to model how the sending/receiving works. Another feature to our web page is the ability for students to ask questions in a thread-like chat, similar to Stack Overflow. This allows peer-to-peer communication and delivers the aid students need.

Our biggest challenge was indecisiveness on projects. We had many project ideas, but due to many complications, we kept having to switch directions. In all, we had four ideas in total that we had to scrap due to problems with our team and lack of datasets.

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