Our story starts with Salima. She is our Who. She’s arrived in Australia – entering year 10 she needs to pick her subjects that will take her into the next TWO YEARS. Knowing what to do with your life at the age of 15 is hard enough for someone whose first language is English. For Salima. This task felt impossible.

We spoke to more refugee students about their experience in Australian schools.

"I wish I knew how I could get help? No one to help me". "I feel like I missed out". "I just had to choose anything". "I used to be #1 in class back at home but now I was lowest. I lost so much confidence, got a low mark and was crying so much".

What it does

Centralised Online Resource for Refugee Students

1) Firstpath will be a tool that schools can use to help empower Refugees to make decisions about their education. E.g. “A guide to subject selections”.

2) Give refugees the chance to explore and discover their dreams. Interactive career quizzes that are accessible & interactive – in their native language.

3) Role Modelling - “If someone else can do it, I can do it too” Our content hub will house stories of other refugees who have gone on to pursue their passions.

How we built it

Our concept is a content hub. A lot of the content exists but we are making it engaging, simple and centralised for refugees.Where possible, we will scrape real-time information from the source (e.g. UAC website) - this will help keep information accurate.

Challenges we ran into

We have identified our information sources and quiz structures. From here we need to continuing pooling resources and collecting ‘role model’ case studies.

Translation will be the costliest and most challenging part of the project but we can leverage tools that have been employed so far by services such as the Department of Human Services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Empathy map - deep understanding of the user. We believe we've come up with a concept that is less of a nice-to-have but more of a need to have.

What's next for firstpath

We need to continue content curation and source translation resources. The most important phase will be the testing the content with our target audience to make sure we deliver on our promise to be simple, easy & inspiring.

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