Me and my friends were graduating this year and we had no idea how to invest
the little amount of money that we had earned.
So we thought of making new investors like ourselves familiar with the tools and strategies used in
Stock Trading and make available the latest information about Market Situations.

What it does

(1) Technical Analysis of Securities on Nasdaq
(2) Stock Price Forecasting
(3) Market Sentiment Analysis

How I built it

The front end was entirely made with streamlit.
Technical Analysis of securities was done by getting stock values from yahoo finance library
and then with ta and ta-lib libraries.

Visualization was done with matplotlib and plotly.
In Stock Price Forecasting , we downloaded the data from Tiingo's API.
Then we fed the data into a custom LSTM model for prediction calculation.

For Market Sentiment Analysis, we fetched the tweets from Twitter's API.
Then with Textblob's NLP library , we determined whether the tweet is positive, neutral or negative about the search term.

What's next for FirstNivesh

We plan to include videos and articles from experienced investors and entrepreneurs on the basics of Financial Markets
Also we will improve on the Visualizations and Modelling Part of the App

Built With

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