Giving gifts and rewards to someone special was never an easy task. It is always on the back of your mind, what if the person who received the gift did not like it? Our goal was to revolutionize gift giving and receiving - with help from a bank with reputation of integrity, respect and passion, we make this possible.

What it does

Sends and receives gifts from FirstGift.

How we built it

With combination of .NET/MVC Entity Framework for SQL databases, we built a full functioning mobile-ready website. Each member of the team played distinct roles, a developer, a graphic designer and unittest / data entry.

Challenges we ran into

Account management issues, that plays a very little role in the final product, but still had to take time. Filtering gifts is basic, time constraints prevented adding more features on products.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making gift selection choices easy, smooth and searchable - all on one page.

What's next for FirstGift

Depending on the gift selected, it can check the selection and determine if the receiver needs to create an account / or needs to enter additional information.

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