Inspiration - For the women in the beauty industry (or interested in making a career in beauty) who want to be their own boss and want the flexibility to move to a different location, but are currently tied to their clientele in a certain geography or have spend their career building a salon's reputation instead of her own.

What it does - Allows people to find beauticians by their skill, specialty, location, price, etc., rate their experience with the hairstylist, search by image gallery, keep track of products used. For the beauticians it helps them take their ratings with them whether its a geographical move, going independent, or a move to a different salon.

How I built it using HTML and CSS

Challenges I ran into - This is my first line of code. So everything was a challenge and I wasn't able to build all the capabilities I believe this website would need.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - coming back Day 2 after realizing how much I didn't know and how much I would be able to accomplish.

What I learned - HTML, CSS, how to view code on a browser, how to set up files on your computer, how to read whether the code is HTML, CSS, or Javascript.

What's next for Rate Your Hairstylist - SUMMER/FALL 2018: I would like to partner with women developers to finish this website vision with APIs and fully working capabilities. I also want to start building a list of both clients and beauticians who would be interested in testing the first version. SUMMER 2019: Expand capabilities to include other beauty services like facials, nail technicians, eyebrow threading, makeup, masseuse, etc.

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