Deep Learning is prevalent nowadays. As a crucial part of that, Natural Language Processing is also be focused. Inspired by studying Recurrent Neural Networks, we decided to use it to build a language model that can generate text with Shakespearean Style.

What it does

By feeding Shakespeare's work, the model will learn the way that Shakespeare writes. Then, once we apply a seed to the model, the model will automatically write the following parts.

How we built it

Keras library + Flask Web Framework + Web

Challenges we ran into

Do not have enough time to implement a more sophisticated architecture which has a better performance in text generation. We compromised the performance and build a word level-model rather than combining word level and character-level.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finished the project on time.

What we learned

Cutting-edge knowledge about NLP, Fast development skills

What's next for Shakespeare Or Fakespeare

  1. Improved the performance by using Gated LSTM.
  2. Improved the user experience.
  3. Used Google translate to read the text and record the voice. Then use transfer learning to modify the audio and makes the voice sounds like an opera.
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