Data contains invaluable insight that has value to many stakeholders, yet some data is hard to come by due to accessibility issues (eg. geographical, cultural, political). GIZ challenged us to come up with a solution to enable easier, less friction data collection from rural areas for potential investors to help improve the livelihood of those citizens, while also benefiting them as a profitable investment. And Unite is what we came up with.

What is Unite?

We decided to build upon their existing connection with the locals via LINE and used the LINE@ messaging API to create a bot that allows for easier, more seamless data collection. Each day, users can just type in the local diesel price (taking only about 10 seconds) and all data is automatically collected by our server which has a data visualization web application built in so our partners can explore data and gain actionable investment leads.

Incentivizing locals

We plan to incentivize the local community to participate in our price tracking by offering a competition for participation among island communities, that helps not only to unite the community on a mission to win the community award (in the form of community funds, education funds, or other essential facilities they need) which will help to better their way of life in a significant way, but also provides us with a higher quality of data which may result in repeat customers from our research clients.

Who pays for the prize?

As a non-profit organization, we can forward the funds that we got from our clients directly to the community. Since we are not profit seeking, the government would be more inclined to connect us to local organizations which will allows us an easier access to the local population, while simultaneously lowering the cost as not much, if at all, marketing campaign is needed to reach the locals.


To summarize, our software aims to connect our research clients to high quality, hard to acquire local data by means of an easily accessible data gathering solution (via LINE@ application). Our partners will gain a competitive advantage by gaining a high quality local insight, while the locals will be better off with the prize funds that we provided as incentives to better their community and more importantly, economical benefits that investors might brought in.

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