The game already exists on TizenOS (With over 37000 downloads) and Android (released just last week) and a WearOS version is launching soon. Implementing web3 was just a next logical step:

  • Makes it cheaper
  • You always own it
  • Works on all platforms
  • Will work in future games

What it does

Connects to any Ethereum wallet and checks if you own one of the special NFTs, if you do, you will get a powerup into the game. If not, it will prop you to mint it ^^

How we built it

The whole game was written in C# and Xamarin/.net MAUI. Web3 part uses WalletConnect and NEthereum packages.

Challenges we ran into

Many bugs in c# and walletconnect/NEthereum. Lot of the things did not work right out of the box. Minting NFT was not figured at all in C# up to this point.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Works seamlessly!

What we learned

That event trying to make something new is possible and Solidity was easier than we thought.

What's next for First web3 smartwatch game - Galaxy Logic Game

Overal optimising the game experience. Finally releasing it on WearOS and hopefully beating 100000 downloads milestone. Implementing public "Competitions" into the game so that you can also win super rare NFTs - essentially making the game "Play to earn" while still being fun as it always was.

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