What inspired my sister, Olivia Rojas, and I to create this app was our 15 year old cousin. He struggles a lot in school, and although we are not able to help him all the time we wanted to test out an idea that would be able to help him keep organized and create better time management skills, when it comes to his schoolwork. With this app, not only could my cousin gain the mental stamina necessary for doing well in school, but once ready for more responsibility he would be able to thrive in different aspects including applying for college, getting more involved in his community, and possibly getting an internship or job. In other words, we created an app that would help students gain skills that would not only help them in school, but would overall improve their work ethic in the real world.

What it does

First Step consists of five main features including Get Connected: Provides you access to Lee County Schools website, which could be utilized for Lee County Schools students as a way to learn about the programs and events their school offers.Opportunities: Provides links to various job/internship/volunteer opportunities as well as tips on how to build scholarship applications and different scholarships to apply for. Stay Connected: Quick access to other links utilized to message teachers or club advisors. Keep Track: Is a weekly planner that allows the student to now keep track of their meetings, work schedule, or due dates. And Finally, Don't Stress: Provides students with a Youtube video playlist that provides them with ways in which they can overcome procrastination and deal with work becoming too overwhelming.

How I built it

Olivia and I built this app using the M.I.T App Inventor. We utilized resources online as well as self taught skills to create the final product.

Challenges I ran into

My sister and ran into the particular challenge of just getting started; not solely realizing an issue in our community, but maneuvering our resources to solve this problem in a way that which everyone could use it. However, trial and error simply made us work harder to overcome the mistakes that we made. Learning from our mistakes has allowed us to become better users of the M.I.T App Inventor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud of the completion of this app! Although there are some areas that could be better updated to involve a larger demographic, at its basic stage First Step is a creation I believe could really help multiple people in my community.

What I learned

Through this process I have learned that simply beginning a task is the easiest way to complete it, and there is no issue that cannot be solved with time and research. Creating this app has refreshed my views on education and has made me more aware of the ways in which I could help those who don't have such a positive view.

What's next for First Step

Updates to First Step will include access to multiple counties school websites as well as real time updates on opportunities that a user is personally interested in.

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