Our group likes video games, and we wanted to try something new. We've never made any 3-D games, so we decided to try it out.

What it does

In our game, the player controls a sphere that can roll around in a small environment that we built. We were planning on making small cubes that the player has to push

How I built it

We used Unity3d to program a simple game, trying to learn how to use object-oriented programming (our group has only worked with process-oriented)

Challenges I ran into

Since we were using a brand new language and platform, we didn't know any member functions or how to use the user interface. We just watched a tutorial to help us figure out the UI, and googled a ton of random shit trying to figure out which functions do what.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to make the mouse able to move the camera. I also kind of managed set the orientation of the movement commands to be in line with the camera's direction.

What I learned

I learned some basic functions and essentials to programming in C#, as well as the basics to using the unity game developing software.

What's next for First Person Rolling Simulator

We want to make an objective to the game instead of just having a wonky "walking" simulator.

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