Imagine a social networking app that uses your face as your unique handle/identifier rather than an username or @.

What it does

Find out someone's name, interests, and pronouns by simply scanning their face! Users first register themselves on our database providing a picture of themselves, their name, and a few of their interests. Using the search functionality, users can scan the area for anyone that has registered in the app. If a person's face is recognized in the search, their information will be displayed on screen!

How we built it

The entire app was built with Android Studio, XML, and Java. The user registration functionality relies on Google Cloud Firebase, and the user search functionality uses Microsoft Azure Face API.

Challenges we ran into

Because Firebase returns data asynchronously, it was challenging to work with calls to Firebase and threads.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Getting data asynchronously from Firebase
  • Consistent facial verification between database photos and Microsoft Azure

What we learned

  • How to work with APIs from both Google and Microsoft
  • Building Android applications

What's next for first hello

Larger scaling/better performance, display information in AR

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