Approaching new people in events is really daunting and having some information beforehand (such as interests/pronouns) helps get the conversation started.

What it does

The android app is a 2 part application - registration and search. Users first register themselves on our database providing a picture of themselves, their name, and a few of their interests. Using the search functionality, users can scan the area for anyone that has registered in the app. If a person's face is recognized in the search, their information will be displayed on screen!

How I built it

The entire app uses Android Studio, XML, and Java. The registration functionality relies on Google Cloud Firebase, and the search functionality uses Microsoft Azure Face API.

Challenges I ran into

Because Firebase returns data asynchronously, it was challenging to work with calls to Firebase and threads.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Getting data properly from Firebase
  • Consistent facial verification between database photos and Microsoft Azure

What I learned

  • How to work with APIs from both Google and Microsoft
  • Building Android applications

What's next for first hello

Larger scaling/better performance, display information in AR

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