First Dance is the combination of two of my projects, ARJ and Fantasy, directed towards, mixed with the reasons of this competition. There is an optional voice that is activated when the current status of the app is changed. There are 100 motivational quotes. There is the starting idea of creating a space where people can read other people's personal stories. I think it helps to improve motivation. There is a section named "FUN," where can be found funny jokes to make people laugh. There is a SMS Chat and its functioning or goal is to have a secure conversation throughout a sms conversation. There is a game; Hangman. The latter has 100 words in English to guess and 8 attempts to try to guess the randomly selected word. There is an entire section dedicated to classical cryptography, having incorporated ciphers such as Morse, Vigenere, Playfair, Vernam, etc. And Finally, there is a password manager, which is used to store important information in a safe place. It counts with many options such as modifying the names of the entries, copying the info to an external storage drive and viceversa, etc.

Built With

  • android
  • caesar
  • cryptography
  • delphi-xe7
  • encryption
  • funny-jokes
  • game
  • hangman-game
  • hard-work
  • morse
  • mp3-files
  • password-manager
  • patience
  • personal-story
  • playfair
  • quotes
  • resources
  • rotn
  • secure-conversation
  • sms
  • sounds
  • splash-screen
  • vigenere
  • voice
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