When the twitter guy said "Free speech", I remembered how many confusions and misconceptions there are surrounding what is protected and what is not protected by the first amendment. Luckily, the tests implemented by SCOTUS can be easily translated into "yes"/"no" & "multiple choice" form.

What it does

Give it a first amendment dillema, and it'll step you through the various tests of scrutiny and balancing that a court might apply in considering the legality of the speech you've made (or want to stop).

How we built it

Crappily wrote it at 4am in Javascript

Challenges we ran into

Code being "very"*10 messy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First amendment law being somewhat understandable now

What we learned

What "Prior Restraint", "Absolute Privilege", and the "Brandenburg Test" are.

What's next for First Amendment Flowchart

Make it more programmable. Then add options for all of the cases that we don't know about because we aren't first amendment lawyers.

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