Conversational applications represent an exciting future in the world of smart homes. The Google assistant introduces a first step into that future and the applications on it are on the way to becoming key living elements in the modern world. So when we thought about what could be essential in a modern home, we had to go back to basics. A physical first aid kit can never be replaced, however, we can still use technology in order to guide individuals into treatment through leading them to the right resources just at the right time.

What it does

First aid is a medical assistant that inquires about your current situation and provides medical advice accordingly. A user could be suffering from anything like a paper cut to a full blown panic attack, our application guarantees a first response with insightful tips and resources in the form of a conversation with the Google home assistant.

How we built it

We built it using the Action Console on where we had to build different intents depending on the medical condition that the user was suffering from

Challenges we ran into

implementing a third party API to fit with the Google actions has been so far our biggest challenge. This is because there were no examples detailing the process. We did seek many mentors during the process however due to some unknown compatibility issue we hit a roadblock and had to be creative in terms of how we implement our action in order to cover our use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a new kind of application that lets us think outside of the box in terms of user experience. Because the app relied on conversation, there were so many more parameters that had to be considered when designing the product and we are proud of the fact that we made something that is considered to be a modern idea when it comes to application development. Also, we are proud of our ability to modernize a concrete product that is a stable in so many homes and integrate it digitally to provide better health care treatment.

What we learned

We learned that within time constraints, it is to our best benefit to use coding practices which we are familiar with.

What's next for first aid

The next step would be to link our current intents with existing API's such as google maps in order to be able to read suggestions about locations of doctors and medical institutes needed.

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