Inspiration : Children learn high frequency words at their school, home and other environments. It's paramount for them to know correct spelling and usage.

What it does : 'First 100 High Frequency Words' helps children to practice memorizing high-frequency words accurately and seamlessly. The Skill utilized commonly used words such as 'and','him','like','little','hot' and many others used in pre-kindergarten and first grade.

How I built it : We built it using Amazon Alexa and AWS. We used Speechcons to actively engage children and encourage them with words like 'Bravo'

Challenges I ran into : We were trying to add spelling as an additional module for multiple words and we faced issues like - how to add different random words in a single session.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : We got genuine reviews from our existing user base saying it's 'Perfect for our Child' who is a 5 year old, English is not her first language

What I learned : During developing the skill, we learnt about effective use of speechcons, SSML tags, random access of words, different building response.

What's next for First 100 Words : We are planning to develop similar skills for different age levels and grades

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