Each year, forest fires consume millions of acres of land, destroying thousands of homes and properties in the Western United States and around the world. Damage to land and personal property can have devastating effects on the affected areas. While resources are available, it can be difficult and stressful to navigate the process of connecting with the resources available during emergency situations. Our aim is to provide current information to people in areas affected by wildfires, to connect them with available housing through local shelters enabling those resource owners to manage these challenging moment and raise awareness about wildfires by creating an educational experience around the causes and preventions of wildfires.

What it does

FireWall is a web/mobile application informing users of ongoing fires and resources available. It will have a live Map fed with governmental data and shelter information that can be updated both with external databases and shelters' input. Combined with notifications on mobile and information pages, FireWall will be a platform that will help its users prepare for wildfires, stay safe by being informed on close shelters information, and prevent avoidable wildfire causes.

How We built it

The application was divided in 2 parts, frontend and backend.

The frontend is made with ReactJS, and in the future in React Native as well for both Android and IOS. A clean and clear design with the ANT library helps to keep the user experience uniform across the pages. Additionally, the Map-GL library provides all the tools needed for presenting the gathered data. A demo can be found in the first link below.

The backend is made with It manages data gathering, processing, and storage. It is the backbone of our application, as it manages user interactions and map data.

The full codes as it is in the demo can be found on the GitHub links below.

Challenges We ran into

Working with 2 different environments with javascript and C# was challenging to learn, fortunately, as. a team we were able to effectively share and help reach other towards our goals

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We were able to create a working application that, for now, can gather information from reputable sources, transform them into readable data, and present them into a map that can be used by users to stay informed of wildfires and shelters near them. We believe that we achieved the basic goal of our project with that. Going forward, all enhancements will be made on that basis.

What We learned

We worked with technologies that not all team members are familiar with. Two people were slightly experienced with React and only one with However, working together on those aspects enabled us to share that knowledge between us and learn from each other.

What's next for FireWall

In the future:

  • A System of predictions based on weather forecasts and air quality will be added to provide the most accurate advice to users
  • The backend will be enhanced to process data daily or often enough to have a reliable source of information.
  • The app will be transform into a React Native app linked with the same backend and having a notification system that will make the information closer to the users.
  • Educational materials and information will be provided to raise awareness on wildfires
  • A shelter dashboard will be Implemented to provide a more thorough control of the facilities by the shelters

Full presentation with website

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