Arya helped raise money with her band for the Paradise Fires Fundraiser. Harshitha also donated to the cause but found it hard to find other ways to help out. Sriya helped out and donated through a singing event, but she only knew about it through a specific group. Our whole group felt that learning about the fires in different counties of the US, ways to donate, and safety precautions were hard to find.

What it does

Our hack will help future homeowners in California choose a residence by informing them about fire-prone counties in our state.

How we built it

We hosted our site on Github Pages, and we built it using HTML5, CSS, and JS.

Challenges we ran into

One feature of this site was a map that had buttons pinpointing certain counties in California. When said buttons were pressed, the site would scroll down to the matching information section on the county. This was difficult to accomplish because we couldn't figure out how to put the markers in the positions that we wanted them to be in. We also ran into trouble getting the California map background onto the red background on the home page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment we are proud of is getting the buttons to correspond to each part of our website. We are also proud of having a finished product that fits our vision.

What we learned

We learned both hard and soft skills while coding this project. Each of us learned new syntax from HTML, CSS, and JS; but we also developed essential attributes such as teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution.

What's next for FireStorm

We have completed the research for all 58 counties in California so we will continue our website by implementing buttons on every county that take the user to the specified information for that county. After we reach that goal, we can continue by adding other states that are critically affected by fires and providing information on the counties for those states. Finally, we will reach the whole of completing a map for the entire United States.

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