With recent travesties in Australia, California, The Amazon, and around the globe--forest fires have become a natural disaster for the books. Millions of species dead and people left without homes, there needed to be more measures taken.

What it does

Introducing FireSpier. FireSpier is a product that utilizes Arduino, with a variety of sensors, to produce real-time data of a location's temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. It then displays this data both on the device and on a web page to be viewed from anywhere. The usefulness of FireSpier is to figure out what locations may be more susceptible to a forest fire outbreak. Officials can now take preemptive measures so that when a fire ignites, they may relinquish the fire before it has the opportunity to spread. Additionally, if officials do nothing with these signals, or a freak accident occurs, there is also a flame sensor to determine if a fire has started near the location of the device for rapid deployment.

How we built it

We used an Arduino Uno hooked up with temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and flame sensors. We then gathered the data utilizing Arduino's Serial Plotter and displayed said data on a website made applying HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Converting the data from Arduino to a text file in real-time to then a web page in real-time proved to be a challenge. However, we were able to devise a creative solution!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working product utilizing hardware and software, streaming real-time data to a web page, and being able to provide a solution that may hopefully help the world are all things we are proud of.

What we learned

Arduino and HTML.

What's next for FireSpier

FireSpier would love to be able to market this product and mass-produce it to start being utilized in forests around the world. We want to use esp32 so Bluetooth or wifi connection can send data to the web page. Lastly, with the data we could gather by implementing FireSpier, we can develop a formula to precisely determine the likelihood of a forest fire occurring at a location by analyzing the data.

Built With

  • arduino
  • flame-sensor
  • html
  • lcd-display
  • soil-moisture-sensor
  • temperature-and-humidity-sensors
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