Come chat with Watson.

Watson is a question answering computing system produced by IBM with promising applications. In 2011, Watson was introduced in Jeopardy beating two championing winners for the 1 million dollar grand prize.



After a late-scratch idea, we agreed that we wanted to take a go at the famous super computer. We thought it would be even more fun/funny if we could interact with Watson with friends or family members in a group style chat. Thus inspired Fireside with Watson.



Our app features the open-source Firechat tool which boasts real-time asynchronous updates managed by Firebase and enables us to take full advantage of its power. We integrate this chat client with a backend IBM server that runs NodeJS to handle calls to Watson's Bluemix API.


We hope this provides an easily-accessible, natural resource that anybody can use. Example: people with health concerns can ask Watson a question, and receive instantaneous feedback any time of the day through this web application.


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