With the recent events plaguing the nation regarding gun violence we wanted to explore the space.

What it does

1) Provides information on gun legislation per state 2) Provides information on gun legislation per state vs firearm death rate 3) Deaths related to mass shootings per state 4) The top trending bills regarding firearm legislation 5) Connect users to their local representatives

How we built it

1) Extensive web scraping, data cleaning 2) CDC API + combination of data from part 1 3) Data from 4) ProPublica Congress API for data regarding federal bills 5) Google Civics API + Google Maps API --All visualizations were built with D3.js--

Challenges we ran into

1) We spend a lot of time cleaning data and therefore were not able to focus on the application itself as much as we would have liked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) Getting to incorporate so much data and use different data sets to convey meaningful information 2) Deploying on AWS

What we learned

1) D3.js 2) AWS 3) Extensive HTML+CSS

What's next for firepower

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