One day, one of us accidentally said we swiped an email left. Like in Tinder. And thus FireMaiL was conceived- to change up the way we interact with our email on a day to day basis.

What is FireMaiL?

FireMaiL gives users a new and quick way to view and sort emails. Using a responsive viewer, FireMaiL uses a series of gestures to let you rapidly interact with your inbox. While the proof of concept is just a proof of concept, FireMaiL takes your emails, prioritizes them based off of the sender (and in this case with cross referencing from the NYU Directory), and sends you notifications when you have critical email you need to look at. Once you're in the app, swipe left to mark something as read, swipe right to create an event or timer or reminder based off of what's in the email, swipe down to delete the message from your inbox, and swipe up to reply! (please note, proof of concept contains provisional functionality)

Challenges we ran into

Learning entirely new things: servers, databases, Node.js, MongoDB Staying awake the weird and convoluted responses google seems to enjoy returning in their apis.

What we're most proud of

Getting so much done and learning so many things in so little time

What's next for FireMaiL

Smart filtering of push notifications (including using NYU directory API) Smart swipe Connecting database to Heroku User authentication refresh token

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