Have you ever searched for some new cool artists on Youtube or Spotify and just found the same boring old stuff? We also did! So we decided to create an app which allows users to find new artists in a tinder-like style. So we also feed the Sony-Api with new data.

What it does

This app tries to connect users and mostly unknown artists on a tinder-like platform. So artists can register and enter the link to their youtube channel, we find the best video with the Sony API and present this to users with the same musical preferences. For this, artists can enter similar and favorite bands. Users have a tinder-like swipe view and can like or throw videos away. Artists they liked are saved in a list with more information, so the user can find out more about his favourite artists later.

How we built it:

We created a django-backend, which communicates with an ios-App written in Swift. The videos are evaluated with the Sony-Music-API, information about the artists are found using the Qwant-API. To match users and artists, we analyze their preferences with musimap and compare them.

iOS-Repo: Backend-Repo:

Challenges we ran into

We had some problems with the apis and authenticating, so we lost a lot of time. There were also some difficulties with the technologies we used because we did not work very much with them before this hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the apis to work and created a cool app.

What we learned

Next time we should discuss less and work more.

What's next for FireGroove

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