Communication from fireflies.

What it does

Firefly is a smart purse that lights up whenever the user receives a text message or phone call. In case of theft, GPS is hidden in the interior of the bag.

How we built it

We pattern drafted the purse, 3d printed the decal/logo, and utilized available technological materials.

Challenges we ran into

Among the main challenges we encountered were electrical issues, the flexibility of the fiber optic material, learning about purse construction, and limited resources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working in the multidisciplinary team provides us with a fresh insight on the modern technologies in fashion, allows us to make the final product not only beautiful but also highly functional. The prototype entirely made by our team and utilize wearable technologies and creative approach. The backgrounds of the team members include computer science, fashion, biostatistics, and aerospace engineering.

What we learned

We learned how to make a purse, we learned about fiber optic material, and raspberry pie.

What's next for Firefly

We would like to make the prototype more functional and improve the design. We also hope to make it more sustainable and environmental friendly.

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