Firefly was inspired by the aerial view of the city at night. The busiest parts of the city are often the brightest, and Firefly wanted to use this concept to reflect the cultural hotspots of today's society.

What it does

Firefly is a data mining, crowd-sourced social media feedback loop for local POIs. By taking in an input and harnessing crowd-sourced, social media platform data such as Instagram and Twitter, Firefly uses sentimental analysis from Indico API, and returns a popularity rating of all input-related POIs within a certain distance of your geographical location in ranked order.

How we built it

Through gathering data from social media platforms and GIS.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating a custom marker for the map.
  • Cap of Twitter API meant we had to stagger the income of tweets and information for display.
  • Wifi being dead for 12 hours during the Hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The landing page A very short and simplified backend file

What we learned

Indico is love indico is life. Google Maps hates us all.

What's next for Firefly

Maybe a mobile app, which would be very simple to implement in a short time, and a user system with a side rewards system for using the app (i.e. coupons or discounts)

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