Kevin Leung, a team mate, is a firefighter who has identified a true need for real-time information monitoring to help officers assess the situation and make important decisions more effectively.

What it does:

App helps the chief monitoring the situation by keeping track of firefighters inside hazardous areas. He can monitor their vitals and localization which will improve their safety.

How I built it:

The sensor data is collect from fire fighters using Microsoft Band, and is pushed to the Microsoft Azure cloud. From there, the application for the chief is able to get the data, do analytics and present it to the chief.

Challenges I ran into:

Finding the right device to collect the sensor data. How to move the data. Maintaining maximum battery life. Indoor communications.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Able to build a full scale system within two days!!

What I learned:

Java, Python, Rest API, mobile development, software methodology.

What's next for FireFighter_:

We want to improve localization.

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