After completing the training sumerian video series, I explored the editor and realized that there were multiple included fire and smoke assets that could be triggered. I wanted to use these effects, and the 360 images of amazon headquarters, to create a firefighting simulation. However, I also wanted to also test how Sumerian could be linked together with other AWS services.

What it does

The first link provided acts a login where users input 2 pieces of identifying information that gets stored in a MySQL database. Then they are directed to the Sumerian simulation. If for whatever reasons you do not want to use my front-end, I provided the Sumerian link as well to avoid the first step.

How I built it

I used the provided Sumerian assets, along with AWS Beanstalk, RDS, and MySQL.

Challenges I ran into

The Sumerian editor is still fixing bugs that make development difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had no MySQL experience previously, so I am very excited to get a database working properly.

What I learned

Full stack development and AWS.

What's next for Firefighter Simulation

Adding support for VR view once I have access to a headset.

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