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Did you know about 500 deaths occur every year due to gas leaks? We came to Bitcamp and created Fireberry Pi to combat this.

What it does

When the Uno detects a spike in gas levels, a series of commands are executed. First, the Pi's camera is triggered and a text alert is sent out using Sparkpost. The user is able to take a look at the picture to assess any damages if they are not at home. Secondly, a database is updated and location data of smartphones associated with the system are pulled and mapped. A this data also goes into the text the user recieves, letting them know if any family members are in the vicinity of the home. This would allow the user to be aware of anyone who may be at in danger at home.

How we built it

The foundation of our project is a Raspberry Pi 3 and an Arduino Uno. The Uno is used as a micro controller which manages the input from our gas/smoke sensor. The Rasperry Pi is what connects all of our hardware to the web.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the challenge creating the android app that uses location services to ping a database once a request is made for its location. We overcame with by learning how to use a LocationManager to push latitude and longitude coordinates to the firebase database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to tie together a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sparkpost, Firebase, web app, and Android app all together to function smoothly.

What we learned

We learned how to pull GPS data from an Android app. We also learned how to work with Firebase to push and pull data when an event is triggered.

What's next for Fireberry Pi

At Bitcamp, we only had access to an MQ-4 gas sensor which limited us to only detecting methane and butane (Which is what was used in our demo). We plan on adding a variety of sensors to the Uno such as an MQ-2 sensor which would focus on smoke. Also, we would like to create an enclosure which would allow for easy mounting of the system around a house.

Stack Name: ArduinoUnoRaspberryPi3CameraModuleMQ4SensorPythonSparkpostFirebaseAndroidJavaJavascriptHTMLCSSWindowsLinuxJQueryBootstrapNodeGithubPagesGoogleMapsAPI

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