Account creation: – Implemented User model (fullName, email, password) – Data integrity: Implemented Firebase real-time database security writing rules to check integrity of data - Database security: set up access rules: only authenticated users have access to the database. The users node has an extra layer of protection: the user has access to their profile data only.

Authentication: – Implemented sign-in (including anonymous), sign-up and forgot password systems - Connected sign-in and forgot password implementations to the user interface (entering correct user and password actually signs you into the app). – Connected sign-up code to the user interface: users can now enter their email, password and full name and this data will be directly saved to the Firebase real-time database. – Implemented error handling: the app warns the user if something is wrong or missing through an alert controller (for example, if the email is badly formatted, if the password is too short or if no account exists for a certain email if the user is trying the reset their password with an invalid email address). – Implemented Facebook sign-in: created a new project on the Facebook Developer portal and configured Facebook SDK – Implemented phone sign-in: configured APN authentication certificate, and wrote functions which handle phone sign-in phone verification authentication systems – Implemented checks to see if user is already logged in, plus navigation flow.

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