Our product solves the annoyances of conventional fire detectors: no radioactive isotopes, no false alarms from kitchen smoke: our product only alerts you when it is completely engulfed in flames. Rather than making a generic siren noise, flameworks communicates to you in a personal way: smartwatch notifications, google glass, SMS, Yo, and even a personalized phone call. The device wirelessly reads your brainwaves to silence the alarm once you are safe and calm. Fireworks is the only fire alarm that actively fights fires.

How it works

Our device has a zero percent false positive rate when detecting fires. A beautifully handcrafted stainless steel heat engine responds to the flames by rapidly turning its elegant piston-powered wheel. Precision sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi detect this movement, then deploy the fire countermeasures and signal the cloudbit to alert the user through all the methods that matter: SMS, google glass, android wear, phone, and, of course, Yo. Fireworks automatically communicates with Nest and Hue to turn all the house lights red and immediately turn on the A/C to reduce the effects of the flames. Wireless connection to the Muse headset allows the user to disable the alarm using only their thoughts, a truly magical experience.

Challenges I ran into

Delivering a magical user interface is never easy, so our engineers worked hard to make the experience as seamless, intuitive, and personal as possible. We tested many microprocessors to find the best one for our product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We hope to make the home a safer place.

What I learned

Patience and attention to detail are necessary to create truly exceptional products.

What's next for FireWorks

Fireworks will continue to strive to make the world a better place through magical technology.

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