MIT threw out some old fire alarms ~2 years ago, and they sat in the closet most of the time until today. We didn't have an idea for a project until noon, when we jokingly proposed putting them in a box. We didn't have anything better in mind, so we went ahead and made it.

What it does

It's a party in a box. Speakers, strobe lights, RGB LEDs, the works. It moves around the space on its wheels and looks for anyone raising their hands to activate the party.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Servos weren't powerful enough, but we'd already designed for them rather than DC motors. Jetson operates on 20V, the arduino/strobes at 12, and the RGB LEDs at 5, meaning running it wireless as intended is basically impossible. GPIO on the Jetson were hard to access and CV is hard (but expected).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It looks hilarious and is really fun to play with even without wheels or CV fully working.

What we learned

If you don't have an idea before the competition you'll be far more likely to get the parts you need.

What's next for FIRE UP THE PARTY

Simple answer: THE PARTY!!!

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