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Extinguishing fires proves to be a difficult challenge to firefighters despite advancements in technology to combat them. Knowing where to position a unit to extinguish a fire may prove the crucial factor to contain further spreading. In theory, it is recommended to start extinguishing a fire from its "back" side, meaning on the opposite side of where the fire is spreading.


So knowing the pattern in which the fire will expand proves to be crucial information to the firefighters. With that in mind we created a tool which predicts the spread of a wildfire based on the surrounding area. User can select the starting hotspot of a fire from an interactive map and have an option to explore fire's spread in the first 120 minutes with a 5-minute interval.

Our prediction includes analysis of the current meteorological conditions, such as moisture, temperature, slope of the terrain as well as wind direction and speed to calculate the speed of which a fire would be spreading. The formula to calculate the speed of fire spread was calculated based on a paper published by Ali Karouni, Samia Bahlak, Pierre Chauvet and Bassam Daya [1].

While providing the coordinates of where the fire spread to our frontend, we also store these points of interest on BlockChain to ensure data integrity.

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