Many houses burn down every year and affect the livelihood and life of many families. Once such incident happened to my friend and it got me thinking if there is a better way to calculate the risk of a fire hazard in your neighborhood , house or your workplace .

What it does

The Fire Hazard Calculator is a webapp that allows any person to get an approximate idea as to how much risk their home or workplace at. All the person needs to do is go onto our webpage and interact with our questionnaire which asks different question about the place the person is investigating and gives them a certain idea of how much risk they are at and what can be done to lower the risk as well.

How we built it

After thinking of the idea , to make stuff easier we divided our group into each person having their own role as follows: Role 1: Data gatherer: You browse through random sources in the internet and find good amounts of data that we can use for both the webpage and the coding part.

Role 2: Webpage Writing: You use the data given by Data Gatherer to summarize information that can be added onto the webpage later.

Role 3: Front End Dev: You code the web app using HTML/CSS.

Role 4: Back End Dev: You code the calculator that computes the fire hazard. Preferably made in JS as JS/HTML integration in super easy.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Coding in JS was a challenge because it was after a long time.
  2. While gathering data from the internet we observed that there are many many factors online which can be taken into account while thinking of fire hazards.
  3. It was a challenge to design the webpage in the limited time that we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon so we are proud of the idea that we came up with and implement it in the given amount of time.

What we learned

  1. We learned how to integrate HTML and JS .
  2. We learned how to use HTML for creating the web app.
  3. We learned how to work as a team and coordinate everything.

What's next for Fire Hazard Calculator

We hope to upgrade the calculator by including more features and factors that can help narrow down the risk of a fire hazard even accurately.

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