Engineering forms the link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent application to development of society. Our team saw the lack of good infrastructure in this issue and we decided to work towards improving the same. Our inspiration came from the many fire fighters who were injured or killed whilst braving against a natural force. We came up with a solution that minimizes human presence in such dangerous situations.

How we built it

We started by researching autonomous solutions of fire fighting. To our surprise there were not many of the same, Even though automation is a major part of many fields today fighting fire still has a lot of human effort involved. We found an existing solution of fire fighting grenades and took inspiration to develop our own such system. Hence, the Fire Fighting Bomb was created. Since then, we have developed 2 systems with different fire fighting abilities to combat different types of fire.

What it does

The purpose of these devices is to combat fires and diffuse them before they reach a volatile state. The CO2(Acetic Acid + Sodium Bicarbonate) mechanism fire fighting bomb can extinguish fires of B,C and F types while the WICK(ABC Dry powder) mechanism.

Challenges we faced

One of the major challenges we faced was to make the bomb to self-activate in passive fire fighting. We overcame this by changing the design temperature of the inner and outer containers and studying the effects of various plastics at high temperatures.


Both systems are designed to safeguard human life and minimize damage at unexpected detonation or premature detonation. We have designed both systems such that any transportation or regular abusive use to the system will not cause explosions. We have designed a system which even young teens can use successfully. This a major difference between our system and the currently used Fire Extinguishing Mechanism which are suitable to be used only by adults are they hold very high pressure. The blast power is contained to such that only cuts and scratches may occur to any humans standing around the device during detonation. The CO2 released will not be in a harmful amount and only minor temporary breathing difficulties can be experienced in rare cases. Sodium Acetate which is a by-product of our CO2 Mechanism Bomb is a commonly used chemical which has no harmful effects when in contact with human skin and ingestion. ABC dry powder which is spread by our Wick Ignition System is also safe and usable around humans.

What we learned

We discovered various new facts about fire extinguishers which helped us enhance our existing knowledge on the subject. While designing the product prototype we learned from our mistakes and came up with the best possible solution and had a very enriching experience.

What's next for Fire Fighting Systems in High Altitude Areas (Team ID:- HB2)

Our system can be incorporated with drones or low altitude aviation systems to precisely attack fires at their source without the need of physical human interaction. The next task of ours is to figure the manufacturing process. the prototype building will be the initial step. The next thing that we need to understand as a principle is that when we introduce change, we need to do it extraordinarily carefully and the most important part is when this product gets implemented, it helps in saving the lives of civilians, fire fighters and army personnel.

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