During my drive to Santa Clara, I noticed it was extremely smoky because of Nor Cal fires. This made me think, what if I made something this weekend that could help the victims of the fire?

What it does

Fire Fighters is an Android app that can assist fire fighters and people in dangerous situations. There are two steps in setting up Fire Fighters: 1. Set your details including your age, name, doctor, etc. These are the details that first responders will see! 2. Set emergency contacts, or "fire fighters". Here, add any numbers that should be notified of any emergency you are in with your location.

During a fire, if someone feels as if they are about to pass out, can't breath, or won't make it, they simply need to yell out "Help, there is a fire!". Fire Fighters will hear this through voice recognition, and will send emergency messages (with location) to the preset contacts. Also, the users details (age, doctor, name, etc.) will be brightly displayed on the phone screen until first responders arrive to see it.

Fire Fighters works even with the device locked!

How I built it

I built this Android app using Java for the back end (processing) and XML for the front end (layouts).

Challenges I ran into

I faced many challenges, but the worst (and stupidest) was my permissions Usually, in Android, I set my Android app target SDK version to below 16 so that I do not have to request for runtime permissions. This weekend, I forgot to do that, and I also forgot to request for permissions. This meant that my app, although coded properly, kept crashing because I forgot to add two lines of code in the Manifest. I spent a total of at least two hours troubleshooting my code this weekend before realizing the cause for bugs was simply the permissions. This is a lesson to be learned. NEVER. FORGET. PERMISSIONS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Surviving on two hours of sleep. Building a life saving app relavent to today.

What I learned

To never underestimate permissions. I also learned a lot about a database storing host called Firebase, and am looking forward to learning more about it in the future.

What's next for Fire Fighters

I plan to publish, publicize, and make improvements based on user reviews!

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