Design for Emergency Challenge:

Fire Exit Access Design (Naturally Flavored)

Hackathon 2017

One of the main issues in the case of fire evacuation is the discharge flow within the exit access, or between the point of departure and the point of exit. This issue is more critical for people with mobility disability as the width and turns of the exit path may increase or reduce their moving speeds. This design proposes a method for finding the optimal turn angle such that it increases/facilitates the speed of movement in their exit access. Drawing on nature’s inspiration for design and applying the Constructal Law this project proposes a 75-degree bifurcation angle or 142.5-degree angle in turning corners.

Inspiration: Nature

What it does: Facilitates the Flow Access to the Fire Exit both for mobility impaired and usual people

How I built it

I used AutoCAD to compare the reduction in length, and thus time, to reach the exit point

Challenges I ran into

Finding the right concept for design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combining nature and design to propose new ideas

What I learned

How a theory can be applied on a general scale even if it is from a field not directly related to the scope of the project

What's next for Fire Exit Access Design (Naturally Flavored)

Applying it on a large design scale

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