With forest fires being a major issue in California and the Pacific North West, it is surprising to see technology lacking to provide information about them. With forest fire maps and air quality inconstantly appearing on Google and fires moving so fast that government agencies cannot alert endangered individuals quickly enough, there is clearly room for improvement. These three things are what I set off to solve.

What it does

Fire! is a mobile app that allows a user to input their properties and are alerted through text and email when a government agency or another user reports an endangering forest fire. In addition to this, Fire! also provides global air quality information and recommendations with respect to the quality.

How I built it

The mobile app was built with React Native connected to a Node.js + Express backend with MongoDB. Live forest fire data pulled from US government services InciWeb and FIRMS and air quality data pulled from Breezometer. Email + SMS notifications were made with AWS SNS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to accomplish quite so much as a solo project

What I learned

Flights can be delayed for longer than 4 hours

What's next for Fire!

Fix the bugs + improve UI, still lots to be done

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