I wanted to solve the problem of people dying from wild fires in the forests of amazon and with this circuit they can be alerted as soon as the fire approaches their region and hence they can move away from the region and save their loved ones.

What it does

1> It will alert the nearby area about the fire and hence will save lives . 2> If any person will be entering the region during the fire the buzzer will start making more intense noise and hence the person will be alerted that something danger is in the area.

How we built it

I build it using Tinkercad, arduino, Ultrasonic sensor, Buzzer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a good idea for the hackathon and completing it .

What we learned

Learned about Arduino and its circuits.

What's next for Fire Alert System using Arduino

1> Maybe implementing it using large scale sensors in the real region and improving the design. 2> IOT version of the circuit in which the forest department will be alerted.

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