I've always seen statistics about human trafficking survivors and have heard their stories, however, I feel it's still taboo to talk about human trafficking. I want to be able to break that barrier and fear that people have of mentioning that they were survivors and help them rebuild their lives.

What it does

Creates a global community to connect survivors with guidance and support through major organizations. Also includes a chatbot to help users onboard.

How I built it

We came up with user-centric designs, had a prototype on Figma and coded on Xcode. Also used an app to create the chat bot.

Challenges I ran into

How to design it to be more friendly for human traffic survivors since we don't know anyone who is. Thus that is why we called it Beta. We had technical issues with Xcode where the keyboard and the items were not flowing and dismissing when animated. Also the sizing of the images.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have fully launched the app on the phone with a work-in-progress app.

What I learned

A lot about storyboard, designing, teamwork, and coordination.

What's next for Fire

Self-service chat - Improved knowledge Management Internationalized Content Improved network for our Organization

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