Our inspiration for F Vision was questioning why in this day and age, it is more convenient for robots to navigate the environment than blind and visually impaired people. We wanted to make it possible for any blind or visually impaired person to be able to use their sense of hearing to move around easier in new environments.

What it does

Our app is designed to detect obstacles in front of you and beep(drum) until the object is out of the way. It is a digital stick for the blind.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into quite a bit of challenges along the way. The biggest challenge was the software connection between OpenCV and Xcode.

What we learned

During the process of creating this app, we learned what to not do. We did not have the right timeline and were not able to finish the project.

What's next for Fiore Vision

The next step for the app is to make it describe the environment, and tell the user where things are instead of just signaling that an unknown object is in front of them.

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