💡 Inspiration

The pandemic has caused an economic recession as people lost their jobs and business had to shut down. This made the financial struggles for some 10x harder, leaving them on the brink of bankruptcy. The student loan debt is ever-increasing and we need to find ways, big and small, to combat it. We wanted to make a website that rewarded users that act financially responsible and essentially providing them an incentive to get back on track, financially.

💻 What it does

  • Manage and visualizes your income and expenses.
  • Rewards users who stick to their budget or show any acts of financial responsibility. Rewards come in form of gift cards: "🎨 Adobe 1 Year Subscription - 50 points 🛒 Amazon Gift Card - 100 points 🎶 Itunes Gift Card - 150 points 👟 Nike Gift Card - 200 points 🎮 Playstation Gift Card - 250 points 📱 Samsung Gift Card - 300 points 💻 Windows Gift Card - 350 points 🎮 Xbox Gift Card - 400 points"

🔨 How we built it

We have built it using ReactJS, CSS, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressAPI, Morgan, dotenv, Canva We have used:

  • ReactJS for building the UI of the website
  • CSS for design
  • MongoDB for storing the database in the cluster
  • ExpressAPI for managing the routing of website
  • NodeJS for running the website in the local environment
  • Morgan for testing if things are running properly
  • dotenv for path configuration
  • Canva for designing logo
  • EchoAR for reward page

🧠 Challenges we ran into

  • Deployment of site.
  • Different versions of dependencies troubled a lot.

🏅 Accomplishments that we're proud of

📖 What we learned

To build to make an end-to-end application of finance.

🔜 What's next for Finwealth

  • Making an app version
  • Working with other big corporations to provide more intriguing rewards for our consumers.

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