We decided to address problem of Generation C of creative and connected and Millenials, who are largely forgotten / underserved by investment and wealth managers. 71% of them would rather go to dentist than listen to what bank says. Low interest rates offers returns which are next to none or negative.

Our solution is Finvestbot, smart chatbot-advisor that uses the behavioural profiling to create disruptive and emotional dialog, providing high conversion rates of prospect investors into real ones. It personalises conversation to traits of our client, engaging with each user using ­machine learning to analyse spending from clients’ bank accounts data.

Finvestbot will offer automated and fully personalised savings and investment strategies, making them as unique as each user and Gamified Goal Based Investing, Making clients fully engaged with their values, multiple goals and time horizons across various asset classes, such as Electronically Traded Funds, P2P lending, Equities and shares.

We are a team of ex securities broker, Phd researcher and machine learning expert tapping into multitrillion market, where share of robo-advisors will increase 10X within 5 years according to Financial Times. It is currently underserved by investment advisors and wealth managers. We are planing to offer white label solutions for them, serving as a platform to create chatbots.

We learned that forming team is not easy, but doable.

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