We want to help young children can establish a healthy money-conscious since a child. AR is also really attractive which can transform the 2D picture into a 3D model. By combining the product's money and AR model, we develop an app called FinTure to help children can also learn from the using App.

What it does

There are different types of AR objects inside the app. Each object represents a different value. For example, the candy bowl represents $1, the Mario represents $5, the red truck represents $10, the pipet represents $20, and the firedragon $50. Our app transforms the money into real objects, which can inspire the children's interest, in order to help children can establish an understanding of money.

Step1: Scanning a barcode of a product you children want to check in the FinTure

Step2: the product price will appear on the screen, and the AR models which correspond with the money will also appear on the screen.

Step3: You can click the AR model listed below in order to change to your interested ones

How we built it

We used unity3D with Vulforia Engine to build the entire application and implement AR, and then used C# to write the script files. Typically, we used Google Cloud Platform to share, integrate and store our projects and related files.

Challenges we ran into

The scene we established in the unity3D was hard to be compatible with the correct size of cellphones. Integrated projects on different computers into one project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The first and successful attempt in working with Unity 3D, C#, Vuforia Engine, and AR implementation.

What we learned

How to implement AR with Vuforia Engine under the development environment of Unity 3D.

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