FinTrack was inspired by the struggles we face as college students managing our finances, especially trying to navigate the current pandemic.

What it does

FinTrack creates a ledger of financial purchases made by users and updates it constantly to keep them on top of their finances. We want to bring financial education to all people in an easy-to-use package.

How I built it

Built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to facilitate backend communication with the application and manage account creation and validation.

Challenges I ran into

We struggled with connecting the front end and back end for user data but were able to work around that issue. Also, registering the domain had its challenges but made it easy with helpful FAQs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did really well with our final presentation and we have an actual working website that looks sharp and showcases our product.

What I learned

Teamwork on a substantial project, Hackathon practice, Javascript front-end development, HTML and CSS architecture, product development timeline with Git.

What's next for FinTrack

Continuing to develop our app which we believe has potential for real users across the country.

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