Quote prioritization for Underwriters


Underwriters are well-familiar with parsing through CSV's and attempting to extract the most promising quotes - but often times there is large variance and opportunities. Insurlytics analyzes collections of quotes to determine and float the most promosing quotes to the top of the underwriter's attention list.

How to run

From the home directory of the project.

    yarn start


  • Use regular table for list of quotes and their ranking - both the brokers list and the quotes list. :check
  • Pre-approval indication or option in the UI for the highest profitable quote opportunities. :check
  • Be able to click a row in the table and have a modal pop up that gives more information on the quote - including the ability to specify a quote value to be communicated back to the broker (submittable as a dollar amount). Decline is also an option, and you can kill it from the list. :check
  • Check box column to be able approve a particular quote submission. :check
  • Color code the rows for the brokers table as well. :check


  • Be able to identify the brokers that excel at generating profitability for requests, as well as those that don't
  • Float the most promising reports to the top

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