Hi to all of you.

I am Italian, living in Milan, but lived several years abroad (London, Paris). I speak four languages fluently: Italian, German, French and English. I have ca. 10 years work experience developed in Consultancy, Industry and in the Banking sector. My expertise are in business, strategy and finance. Working knowledge with Corporates, SMEs, banks, VC and PE funds and startups. I worked on deals from startups to corporations in M&A, corporate finance, strategic planning, business plans in different areas (Industry, FinTech, Healthcare). For more infos on my profile you can visit my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alessia-officio-3134499/.

I am focused on Impact Investing and I am trying to form a team to boost FinTech products to solve liquidity problems that European SMEs are facing right now. I would like to build a sort of "Aggregator of FinTech products" already available on the marke, since I believe that a lot of SMEs could find liquidity they need during this current economic crisis. I am looking for

  • people that could help me develop a Beta version of this aggregator-platform,
  • people that could help in formalizing significant partnerships that could help the platform have the right visibility (FinTech players, national associations linked with entrepreneurs etc..),
  • people from whatever background that believe in this idea and that could help me in developing this idea to the best by the 27th so that we can make it happen!!!

Please join me in this adventure!!!

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